Spectacle 5 Films is (Left to Right) Maisha Moore (Art Director), Amanda Konkin (Producer), Kaitlin Sutherland (Animation Director), Stephanie Blakey (Director), Jen Davreux (Writer).

Who we are

Spectacle 5 Films is an independent animation company located in Vancouver, BC Canada. The company was founded by the five women selected for the inaugural Women in Animation Vancouver and Women in View’s Five in Focus Animation Program. A press release about the Five in Focus Initiative is available HERE.

Director Stephanie Blakey never stopped watching cartoons. Enamored by the styles and storytelling techniques, she’s been neck-deep in the industry for the last little while as a storyboard artist, and now as a storyboard supervisor. Her previous film, “The Last Resort,” toured internationally, winning prizes such as the Audience Award from the Austin International Film Festival, and a ten dollar gift certificate for sandwiches from the Mirror Mountain Film Festival. Her love and passion is to direct funny stories with a lil’ heart- and so far, it seems to be working. She is immensely proud of Spectacle 5’s latest film, The Butterfly Affect, and of her entire team behind it.

Amanda Konkin is an Associate Producer working on animated television projects at Mainframe Studios, A Division of Wow! Unlimited Media. In addition to her full time job, she actively produces independent short films and webseries with an emphasis on fostering emerging female talent.  She is currently the producer on the Short Film hAPPiness that was awarded the national Harold Greenberg Shorts-to-Features Grant. In 2019, Amanda produced the short film Ada as part of Vancouver’s prestigious Crazy 8s Film Making Event and was selected as the Producer for Women in View and Women in Animation’s Five in Focus Animation program. Previous live action credits include co-producer on a Leo-Nominated TV series for OUTtv called The Switch (2016), the world’s first transgender sitcom, as well as the short films Dude, Where’s My Ferret? (2015) and Singer Sisters (2016), and the Storyhive award winning webseries pilot Silk (2015). Amanda’s previous animation work includes multiple television projects as a Production Manager at Rainmaker Entertainment, as well as Associate Production Manager on the Netflix original series Reboot: The Guardian Code(March 2018) and production coordinator on Surfs Up 2: Wavemania (Sony, 2017).

Jen Davreux is a writer, storyboard artist, and indie comic creator. Originally from a small town in the Okanagan, she developed a passion for drawing and storytelling at a young age, later moving out to Vancouver to pursue a career in animation. Her first self-published comic ‘Astronaut + Alien’ debuted at VanCAF in 2015, and she currently co-writes an ongoing webcomic titled ‘Go, Titan X!’ She has been working in the story department of various animated shows for the past 6 years and has recently started writing for video games.

Kaitlin Sutherland is an Animation Supervisor with a passion for telling different stories that inspire audiences. Throughout her years of experience at Wildbrain Studio, Corus, and Atomic Cartoons, Kaitlin has worked on series such as My Little Pony: The Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (the series), Chip and Potato, and Snoopy in Space. Currently she is the Animation Supervisor on WildBrain’s (formerly DHX) and Cartoon Saloon’s co-production Dorg Van Dango. Kaitlin’s passion for animation extends beyond the studio, participating in multiple collaborative and personal projects. Most recently, Kaitlin was named the Animation Director for Women in Animation Vancouver & Women in View’s Five in Focus program. As part of this program, Kaitlin was responsible for hiring and managing Harmony animators and build artists as she and four other candidates created and produced a 2D animated short film, The Butterfly Affect, which premiered at SPARK Animation 2019.  ToonBoom has also selected Kaitlin to be a 2020 ToonBoom Ambassador, one of 50 handpicked artists who are using Harmony and Storyboard Pro to advance the craft of animation.

Maisha Moore is an Annie Award nominated Art Director from Vancouver Canada. Maisha has been in the animation industry for the last 12 years, working on globally recognized media.

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